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Amphora 1 year

1 year progress meeting of Amphora on December 8

On Saturday the 8th of December, the 1 year symposium of Amphora will take place. We will review the progress that has been made on the different work packages and discuss future investigations. Everyone is welcome to attend.


Meeting Room 2-3, Provinciehuis, Provincieplein 1, 3000 Leuven, Belgium (Google maps directions). Details on the venue can be found (here).


12:00-12:30 Sandwich lunch

12:30-12:35 Welcome by the host

12:35:12:50 A brief overview of Amphora and its structure

12:50-13:30 WP2 - UCA Design and Development

13:30-14:00 WP3 - Physico-chemical UCA Characterization & Modelling

14:00-14:35 WP4 - Acoustic Characterization & Modelling of UCAs

14:35-15:05 Coffee Break

15:05-15:40 WP 5 - Ultrasound Signal Processing and Pulse Design

15:40-16:10 WP6 - Development of Ultrasound System

16:10-16:30 WP7 - in Vitro Biological Characterization & In Vivo Validation

16:30-17:00 Discussion - feedback from the advisory board

Please register by sending an email to


AMPHORA aims to develop a non-invasive in-situ dosimetry system for radiation therapy with the potential of on-line dose assessment by casting ultrasound contrast agents (UCAs) into dose sensing theranostic devices.