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Dr. Jeroen Hermans

Senior System Engineer

Research and Development
Sony Depthsensing Solutions
Brussels, Belgium

Role within the TAB:
Former Senior Researcher
at DoseVue NV

Dr. Rudi Labarbe

Domain Expert

Advanced Technology Group
Research and Development
Ion Beam Applications
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Role within the TAB:
Representative of radiation (proton) therapy and dosimetry equipment providers

Dr. Emma Harris

Imaging for Radiotherapy Adaptation

Radiotherapy and Imaging
Institute of Cancer Research
London, United Kingdom

Role within the TAB:
Expert in ultrasound-guided radiotherapy

Dr. Staf Van Reet

Managing Director of Viziphar Biosciences BVBA

Member of the Board of Directors of Janssen Pharmaceutica
Board Member of the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB)

Role within the TAB:
Biotechnology market expert

Dr. Erik Briers

European Prostate Cancer Coalition

Role within the TAB:
Patient representation

AMPHORA aims to develop a non-invasive in-situ dosimetry system for radiation therapy with the potential of on-line dose assessment by casting ultrasound contrast agents (UCAs) into dose sensing theranostic devices.